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Notes from Danielle

A Letter from Danielle for September ’21
September 3, 2021
Hi everyone, For anyone with school age children, September is the busiest month of the year. I remember how super busy it was for me with nine children in school—dashing around for school supplies, figuring out their schedules, organizeing car pools, setting up extracurricular lessons, driving everyone to all their activities . . . and […] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for August ’21
August 10, 2021
Hi Everyone!!! August always takes me by surprise, since it marks the halfway point in the summer. One just gets used to vacation rhythms and some time off—and suddenly back-to-school thoughts, car pools, school supplies, soccer games, fall projects at work, and new plans creep back into our heads. But keep in mind that you […] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for July ’21
July 7, 2021
Hi Everyone, Well, it’s here at last: Summer!!! I hope that means you’ll get some beach time, or some hammock time under a tree—just some downtime to relax and read and dream after the last stressful year. We’ve all earned a break —and as things improve, we deserve some vacation time, with friends or family, […] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for June ’21
June 4, 2021
Hello Everyone, Ahhh, it’s finally spring—and almost summer! Memorial Day weekend unofficially opens the summer season. After a cold winter, I am ready for some good weather, and warmer days. June is full of the anticipation of summer. I know we’re all ready to see the last of the pandemic so we can get back […] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for May ’21
May 10, 2021
Hi Everyone, May is one of my favorite months. No matter how chilly April is, in some places in May spring finally arrives in all its glory, with flowers and green gently covering the ground and the trees after the bleak gray of winter. Everything comes to life again, in a rainbow of colors! And […] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for April ’21
April 9, 2021
Hi Everyone, I hope that spring is here wherever you are, and I hope that the Covid situation is improving in your area. It has been a long haul so far, and one of the great escapes is reading a good book. And hopefully the general situation will be better soon. I used to dye […] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for March ’21
March 4, 2021
Hi everyone!! Well, we’re inching our way toward spring and it’s been a challenging few months, but we’re hanging in. One of the great pleasures of these winter days, even in normal times, is curling up with a good book, and letting our imaginations soar. And in confinement or staying home to be careful, what […] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for February ’21
February 8, 2021
Hi Everyone, The holidays are behind us, and we’re starting off with a new year. January is always a little dreary—with bad weather, and the after-holiday let down—and February fills us with hope, and the wish for an early spring. We are still battling with Covid—and inevitably paying the price of those who had a […] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for January ’21
January 7, 2021
Hi Everyone, I hope that you had good holidays—even though all of our holidays were quieter this year and different than they usually are! It took some careful managing and restraint to keep the holidays safe, but hopefully you had some joy in the festive season. Now we get a whole new year to look […] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for December ’20
December 4, 2020
Hi Everyone, Wow!!! We made it through this year: that’s beginning to seem like something of a miracle. And if nothing else, 2020 has taught us that life is unpredictable, things can change in an instant, and who would have thought that the ENTIRE WORLD would come to a nearly dead stop for nine months. […] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for November ’20
November 4, 2020
Hi Everyone, I say it every year, but this year I’m not kidding!!! WHERE did the time go? I had a lovely Christmas with my children last year. I hopped over to France after the holidays for a few weeks, and then in February, I went back to San Francisco when my son got married—and […] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for October ’20
October 7, 2020
Hi Everyone, I hope we’re off to a good fall—and after a very bumpy beginning to this year—I hope we can slide into the end of the year with some good times and good news. We can all use that, and peaceful happy holidays. So I hope your fall is off to a good start. […] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for September ’20
September 2, 2020
Hi Everyone, It’s September!!! Let’s hope the universe doesn’t have any big surprises for us this month—OR ONLY GOOD ONES!!! September has always been one of my busiest months, especially when my kids were all in school. At my busiest and craziest, they went to four different schools (all at the same time), and eventually, […] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for August ’20
August 11, 2020
Hi Everyone, Wow, we’re halfway through the summer, and certainly not a typical summer. Around the world people are struggling with learning to live with the virus. Different countries handle it differently, but most seem to agree that masks, social distancing and handwashing are all important to stay safe from Covid 19. It’s not a […] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for July ’20

Hi everyone, Well, life certainly has had its surprises this spring!!! With a few exceptions and changes of plans, most of us usually know what to expect, and can plan our lives. Some people plan more than others. I am one of those people who likes to plan well in advance, long in advance. I […] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for May ‘20
May 18, 2020
Hi everyone, I fervently hope that May is going to be a LOT better than March and April were, as the world struggles to rid itself of the Coronavirus, and we all work hard to right the ship in its wake. The US is a remarkable country, a nation of strong people who dig their […] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for April ‘20
April 30, 2020
Hi Everyone, This isn’t the newsletter I was planning to send to you today—and had already written—talking about spring flowers, warmer weather, and dyeing Easter eggs. These are serious times, and every country in the world is facing a huge challenge. For safety and to prevent further contagion and the spread of the virus, we’ve […] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for March ’20

Hi Everyone!!! The holidays seem a lonnnggggg time behind us, don’t they?? And hopefully, with March, a faint promise of spring, depending on where you live. All my cities will still be cold for a while!!!! It’s always a good time to read—whatever the weather—either curled up with a book in winter, or lying on […] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for February ‘20
February 5, 2020
Hi Everyone, The calendar always moves too fast, and the months speed by. Particularly when I’m writing, I look up and another month has flown past. The major landmark in February, along with Ski Week and President’s Day, is, of course, Valentine’s Day—which can be a dream come true, or a little disappointing. I started […] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for January ‘20

Hi Everyone, Welcome to a New Year!!! 2020—it has a nice ring to it!!! And I hope it will be a great year for you and for us all. Traditionally, due to bad weather almost everywhere, January is a month for hibernation, for quiet time, to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and […] Read more