A Letter from Danielle for January ’24

Hi Everyone,

Well, you made it through the holidays, after all the shopping, planning, cooking, lists, meals to prepare, trees to decorate, relatives people are happy to see, and some less so. The holidays are a marathon of work behind the scenes. Filled with hope and excitement, and sometimes disappointment over things that didnt happen. January is the time to recover, hibernate, be cozy, and a nice time to read a good book. There is usually not much going on in January, except for the energetic people who go skiing after Christmas. I always start a book right after Christmas, and keep working hard until spring. The winter ones are my heavy months for writing. I stay out of the bad weather, and keep to my desk.

My new hardcover book comes out today, Upside Down. At the same time, a mother of an adult young woman (the mother is a movie star in L.A., and the daughter is a plastic surgeon in New York) and her daughter each get involved with men with big age differences from them. The mother with a much younger man, and the daughter with a much older man, and we see how those relationships unfold. Mother and daughter have had a somewhat rocky relationship, and we see how their relationship develops too. I’ve always admired people who seem timeless and ageless, and sometimes relationships with big age differences can work surprisingly well. It’s more about how you view life, what you like to do, and how compatible you are than the age on your driver’s license or passport. People may have more in common with someone either much older or younger than they are. It makes for a fun read.

And at the end of the month my book The Wedding Planner will be out in paperback. There are some spectacular weddings in it, and some interesting couples, both old and young, and all the drama that surrounds weddings and the crises that come up at the last minute. The path to the altar is not always smooth!! And it’s about the woman who runs the weddings—with NO desire to ever get married herself!!!

I hope you enjoy both books!! Have a great month of January, and stay cozy and warm—curled up with a good book!!


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