A Letter from Danielle for August ’23

Hi Everyone,

It always feels like we barely settle into summer, and . . . it’s already on its way out. With children starting back to school in late August, it’s almost fall again before we know it. But there’s still time for some summer fun before we shake the sand out of our shoes and go back to real life. I hope you’ve had time for some fun and relaxation this summer, and even a vacation. I’m looking forward to a long weekend with all my children before we kiss the summer goodbye.

And I hope you’ve had some time to read and relax this summer. We have some happy reading for you. My new hardcover, Happiness, is coming out on August 8. An unexpected inheritance turns a woman’s life upside down. She has her life just the way she wants it, with a peaceful country life, two dogs, and a writing career she loves, when new vistas open up— and a whole new life. And she discovers that happiness is a choice, and good changes can be as challenging as bad ones. What choice will she make?

And on August 22, my book The Whittiers will be out in paperback, about a family of six siblings who inherit their parents’ big rambling home, where they grew up. Deciding what to do about the house tears them apart at first and brings them closer together, as each of them faces their own personal challenges, and they live together under the same roof for a while, as they try to figure out what to do about the house, and learn more about each other and themselves. It is about the strength of family bonds. I hope you love both books!! And I hope you have a wonderful month before the summer ends!!!


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