A Letter from Danielle for April ’23

Hi Everyone,

I hope by now that there is some sign of spring in the air after the coldest winter I can remember everywhere I went!! The good news is that it kept me at home, working on several new books while hibernating to stay warm. So, I hope you’re seeing signs of spring. No sign of them yet in my world so I’m still writing up a storm!!

April always begins with one of my least favorite days, much to my children’s amusement. For their entire lives, they have thoroughly enjoyed torturing me on April Fool’s Day, which must be their favorite day of the year. When I’m writing, I lose track of what date it is, so I never realize until at least 5 of them have called me to inform me of some horrific event, and then suddenly it dawns on me: 4 or 5 of them can’t be in jail, have totaled my car, or have gotten thrown out of school (they’re not even IN school anymore)—not to mention more subtly terrifying plots, they used my credit card and maxed it out, or they borrowed my favorite dress and lost it . . . so I have to get past April Fool’s Day before I can enjoy the rest of the month!!! A true test of motherly love!!!

On a much more serious note, there are important religious holidays this month. Easter and Passover fall in the same week and are an important moment for family gatherings and celebrations. My most cherished theme during Easter is Resurrection, the idea that we can go through painful events in our lives, and rise above them, and be renewed and healed and begin again with a clean slate, washed clean of painful times. The Resurrection comes after the Crucifixion on Good Friday. That concept of Resurrection gives me new hope and strength to continue and start over after difficult times. It’s like starting fresh every year on that date.

There are no new books this month but, to sneak a peek at next month, on May 2, my new hardcover The Wedding Planner will come out—with a whole bunch of exciting weddings in it, a close look at the relationships involved, and weddings between some very interesting couples, orchestrated and planned by the very interesting woman who must weave it all together and give each client the wedding of her dreams, even her own mother when she remarries!!! I hope you’ll really enjoy The Wedding Planner. It was fun and different to write, and even a great wedding planner can’t guarantee a Happily Ever After . . . I think you’ll enjoy the couples in it, the weddings, and the very creative wedding planner who makes it all happen like magic. And we all need some magic in our lives.

I hope it will be a warm and meaningful month for you with lots of magic!!!


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