A Letter from Danielle for July ’23

Hi Everyone,

At last it’s SUMMER!!! Yayyy!!! This has been the longest winter and spring that I can remember. It was cold everywhere this year and now, in July, we are bound to have warm weather. Memorial Day usually nudges summer off to a slow start, but on July 4th we KNOW it’s summer, and all our favorite traditions kick in. Southern fried chicken, barbecue, hot dogs, hamburgers, apple pie, homemade ice cream, corn on the cob!!! I LOVE July 4th picnics. And there are parades. And summer plans get off to a good start.

I hope you’ll have some time to relax, take time off, and lie on a beach, or in a hammock under a tree. I have two very fun books for your summer reading in July. The first one will be Palazzo, which came out in hardcover at the end of June. It’s about a young woman who takes charge of her family business in Venice and Rome (two gorgeous cities!!), when her parents are killed in an accident. She runs the business (of luxury handbags and leather goods), maintains all their traditions, preserves the 4-century-old family palazzo, takes care of her younger sister, and tries to keep a rein on her wild, badly behaved brother. And she defends the business against more commercial firms that want to buy it. It’s a book filed with traditions and excitement, and some very interesting people. I REALLY hope you love it!!

And after Palazzo, my book The High Notes will come out in paperback, about a young girl, with an incredible voice and talent, who starts singing in bars in small towns in Texas at the age of twelve, exploited by her father. She follows the hard path on long, dusty tours, singing with bands, fighting off nasty tour managers, and enjoying the camaraderie of her fellow singers. And she reaches stardom at last, after a rocky path. I hope you fall in love with her as you follow her through good breaks, hard knocks, and challenges in the music business!!!

Have a great month of July, and I hope it starts for you with a parade and a picnic on the 4th!! And lots of good reading after that.

Much love,

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