A Letter from Danielle for March ’24

Hi Everyone,

I hope that all is well with you. Technically, spring is just around the corner, but in many places it may take a while to get to that corner!! It’s still cold in the cities where I live. I’ve avoided a lot of the bad weather this winter by writing, as I always do.

Easter is very early this year, on the last day of March. I used to dye Easter eggs with my children and had purple fingers for weeks!

We have TWO new books for you this month, which is exciting.

Never Too Late in hardcover, about a woman who has the courage to start a whole new life. When her husband dies, she decides to move across the country from San Francisco to New York, where her two grown daughters are living. She sells her husband’s business, and is ready to start a new life on her own. She moves into a handsome penthouse apartment in New York. There are two penthouse apartments with back-to-back rooftop gardens, with a splendid view of the city. And she discovers with some surprise that the tenant in the neighboring apartment is a famous movie star, leading a quiet, secluded life. Shortly after she arrives, a terrorist attack stuns New York, and the two neighbors meet, as they watch the fires in the distance from their roof. As a long-retired nurse, she goes to the site of the attack, to help the injured, and her famous neighbor goes with her. They work hard that night, assisting wounded people, and a friendship is born. They become friends, and sit in their rooftop garden at night, just enjoying each other’s company and getting to know each other, and her daughters are more than surprised to discover who their mother’s kind and modest neighbor is.

The book is about staying open to life’s unexpected gifts and opportunities, the people you can meet, the places you can go that you never dreamed of, and the surprising turns that life can take. It is in fact Never Too Late to enjoy new chapters in your life and new people, and you never know where life can take you. And it’s exciting who you can meet when you least expect it.

And in paperback, my book Palazzo will come out in March too. It takes place in one of my favorite cities, mysterious, magical Venice. When three young people, siblings, lose their parents in a shocking accident, it leaves one of the children paraplegic, and the oldest sister must take charge of the family business in Rome and Venice. They own an important leather goods business, which she must run, take care of her younger sister, and try to keep her badly behaved spoiled brother out of trouble. She does everything possible to keep the business running, take care of their family, and maintain their family palazzo in Venice. Her life is one of duty and responsibility—she holds them all together—and an opportunity to collaborate with a company in Paris presents new challenges and new horizons for all three of them.

I hope you enjoy both books and have a great month!!!


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