A Letter from Danielle for February ’24

Hi Everyone,

February is always one of those months when the winter seems endless, and spring still feels a lifetime away. And the fun of the holidays feels like a distant memory. I always work/write a lot in January and February, and then suddenly spring is here, and I poke my nose out the door.

And of course the holiday high point in February is Valentine’s Day, which most of the time is kind of a mixed bag. If you are in the midst of a hot romance, then you’ll probably luck out, with flowers, candy and maybe even jewelry. For the rest of us mere mortals in the scheme of life, it’s kind of a lottery as to whether it will be a good year, a bad year, or just kind of so so. I’ve had two marriage proposals on Valentine’s Day, which resulted in long marriages. And love can happen at any age. In the meantime, I thoroughly enjoy funny cards from my children, and dark chocolate in any form. I hope that your Valentine’s Day will be everything you wish it to be, with the whole shebang: flowers, chocolates, AND jewelry!!! Or at least two out of three.

There are no new books on the schedule in February, BUT Upside Down in hardcover and The Wedding Planner in paperback came out in January, and if you haven’t had time to read them yet, you can enjoy them now. And right after February, in March, Never Too Late will come out in hardcover, and Palazzo in paperback. So the January books should keep you busy and entertained, with the March books to look forward to. I hope you enjoy them all!!

Have a wonderful month of February, and a fabulous, unforgettably terrific Valentine’s Day.


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