A Letter from Danielle for September ’23

Hi Everyone,

Without a doubt, as the mother of nine kids, September has always been my busiest month. It was always a mad dash, getting new school uniforms and school supplies, new shoes, and helping everyone adjust to being back in school again (and wearing shoes!!!). Setting up car pools also . . . there is so much to do getting everyone ready and, after the freedom of the summer, getting used to being ultra-scheduled again!!! The fall is a refreshing time, full of energy!!

And even in my own life, as an adult and not in school, September always feels like total madness, and it makes the holiday season seem like slow season compared to September.

Knowing how busy everyone is in September, we always shy away from giving you a new book to read, when we know how occupied you are.

So for your end of summer delight and your last few days of relaxation before the storm hits!!! My book The Whittiers is out in paperback, about a big loving family of six siblings between the ages of 41 and 20, some married, some not, all pursuing interesting careers. They inherit, suddenly and unexpectedly, their parents’ big comfortable home that they grew up in, and they wind up living together while they try to decide whether or not to sell it. And their lives swirl around them in interesting ways while they figure it out. It’s a warm, very human story and a wonderful group of characters. I hope you love it!!!

And for post-September when you have your busy life organized, and it’s moving at a brisk pace Second Act will come out at the beginning of October—about a man who is at the top of his career but then loses his job as CEO to the son of the new owner. It’s about all that happens to him after that, the self-discoveries, the people he meets, the choices he makes, the opportunities that come his way and lead him to new paths. It’s about reinventing yourself when the going gets tough. And I hope you love that book too. Have a great end of summer!!

Much love,

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