A Letter from Danielle for July ’24

Hi Everyone,

This is it, we finally made it to summer! When I think of July, I think of vacations, July 4th. and all the yummy things to eat at 4th of July picnics and events. We used to give a big 4th of July party, with line dancing even, and we served Southern fried chicken, burgers, and fries, and all the treats and pies (with homemade vanilla ice cream) that go with 4th of July events. I love that!!! I just wrote about a 4th of July party in the new book I’m writing!!!

I hope you’ll have the chance to take some time off this summer and have some vacation time. I’m planning to spend time with some of my children.

And I have a new book for you to read that came out at the end of June, it’s called Resurrection, and it’s about a second, fictional, pandemic, and people getting stuck far from home, in Italy and France, and the secrets that are discovered when the pandemic hits. It’s a fun book and I hope you’ll love it!!! Here’s to summer, warm weather, picnics, and vacations!!! YESSSS!!! And good books of course, to read on vacation!!!

Much love,

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