A Letter from Danielle for December ’23

Hello Everyone,

Although September is always a whirlwind for me after the summer, December is ALWAYS the busiest month of the year, can be the most stressful, takes the most effort to get everything organized, and it is definitely my favorite month!!! And favorite holiday!!

The Christmas holidays, or of whatever faith or none, are always a combination of the bright light of hope in our hearts, the stress of close contact within families, or the worry of being alone. I’ve had my share of hard holidays, when we lost my son Nick three months before. And other years were wonderful, when the entire family was home to celebrate the holiday together. I love the traditions of Christmas, the joy of seeing my children, and the fun of getting together with friends. And whether you share it with family or friends, or spend it alone, I wish you a joyful holiday that warms your heart.

And this year, in your few quiet moments in the busy holiday season, we have the opportunity of spending the holidays together, through my books.

On the days in the run up to Christmas, when you have a million things to do to get your family meal on the table and everything organized, time to yourself can seem like a mad idea—but maybe you can still tiptoe away for a few peaceful moments with my latest book The Ball at Versailles. It is about a spectacular debutante ball at the Palace of Versailles, and five of the young American women who were invited to participate. It is really a fun, festive book!! A perfect lead-in to the holidays with a dash of glamour at a debutante ball!!!!! Please save a spot on your dance card for me and the book!!

And after all is said and done on Christmas, the stockings were hung, some of you assembled new toys all night, you shared the holiday with elderly relatives and young ones, and hopefully it turned out to be one of your best Christmases—the day after, on December 26, my book Worthy Opponents comes out in paperback, and you can totally relax for a minute, reading about the action between a young woman trying to protect her family business, from the potential buyer who wants to buy it and she doesn’t want to sell. Sparks fly and hearts are laid bare. A great way to relax after the holidays.

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Eve, it always seems a little disappointing to me, and I usually stay home and write. But if you’ve celebrated it in a big way or a small one, if you need to relax, I have the perfect antidote to the post-New Year doldrums. My first book of the year on January 2nd, in hard cover, Upside Down takes a close look at relationships between an older man and younger woman, and an older woman and unexpected younger man who drops into her life. It’s a fun way to start the year. Two unusual couples. So one way or another, you will be in my heart and mind, and hopefully with a book in your hands if you need to relax and de-stress after the holidays!!

Have a fantastic Christmas and a wonderful new year, filled with blessings and the people you love and who love you. And may all your dreams come true in the coming year!!

With much love,

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