A Letter from Danielle for May ’24

Hi Everyone,

I hope that spring is rolling along smoothly for you, with warmer weather and summer to look forward to a few months from now. Although spring is official in March, it takes months longer for winter to disappear. And May is a gentle, pretty month almost everywhere, with flowers blooming and warm weather.

The month gets off to a lovely start in France on May Day, May 1, where everyone gives each other a little sprig of lily of the valley with its delicious scent. There are vendors on almost every street corner, and the smell of the lily of the valley is heavy in the air. People give the sprigs of lily of the valley to friends, coworkers, and people they love to wish them good luck. May Day is also Labor Day in France.

My most recent new book in hardcover just came out on April 30th, so it is brand-new and fresh as May begins. It’s called Only the Brave, about a very courageous young woman in Germany in World War II, who loses her mother before the war, her father in the war,  and is separated from her sister, and faces the hardships and terrors of the war on her own—and becomes deeply involved in helping others, particularly children, escape to safety. And she frequently risks her own life to save others. There are many deeply touching stories in the book, and I hope you love it as I do.

And Mother’s Day is my favorite holiday in May. My children spoil me, and it’s a day to celebrate not only our mothers, but the women who have been like mothers to us,  and have served us as role models, and been important in our lives. There are a number of remarkable women who have been role models for me and mother figures in my life, and I am deeply grateful to them for the difference they made in my life. Maybe you’ve had some women like that in your life too!!!

Have a wonderful month of May, and I hope you enjoy the new book, Only the Brave.


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