A Letter from Danielle for March ’23

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re making it through the winter and the year is off to a good start!!! It has been absolutely freezing everywhere I’ve been this winter: East Coast, West Coast, and Europe. I always love staying home in the deep part of winter and doing a lot of writing when it feels too cold to go out anyway, and the weather is gray. So I’ve been working on a number of books for the year.

I’d like to think that spring will be here soon—but not anywhere I live, I’m afraid. Not for several months. (I even froze in L.A. in December!!!) But I did find some beautiful white tulips in January for a luncheon I gave, which reminded me of spring.

We have some exciting books coming out in March. Today there’s a new book I loved writing, called Worthy Opponents. It’s about two very bright, interesting people: one is a man who runs a very successful investment business, and the other a woman who owns a fashionable New York department store a family business founded by her grandfather, that she is deeply dedicated to. She wants an investor to help her support the store and he wants a majority share in the business to invest, which she won’t give up to anyone. The two are in pitched battle, wrestling for their positions. They both have good intentions, strong opinions and strong minds. And they both want to win what they want. What happens when two determined people can’t find a compromise??? Read the book and find out. I really like the people in the book, which always makes me want to read a book!!! I fall in love with the characters when I write them!! (and I want them both to win!!).

And at the end of March, my book Suspects is coming out in paperback. An unsuspecting woman gets tangled up with a bunch of Russian spies who are out to harm her, as revenge against her late husband. She knows nothing of their evil intentions, as she innocently goes about her business and the intrigue swirls around her, and a dedicated CIA agent tries to protect her (without her knowing who he is and that he’s on scene, and why). An exciting book of intrigue and suspense.

Two good reads to keep you busy in March, and the two books are very different!!!

Have a great month.


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