A Letter from Danielle for June ’23

Dear Reader,

June is such a wonderful month, you can count on good weather almost everywhere and it’s not too blazing hot yet. Just right!!

Toward the end of June, my new hardcover Palazzo will be coming out, about a wonderful Italian family, originally from Venice, now established in Rome (with a gorgeous family palazzo in Venice), and a business in the finest leather goods in Europe, a very high-quality brand that generations of their family have taken pride in. A terrible accident claims the lives of the parents, leaving their 23-year-old daughter to run the entire business with dedication and grace. Her youngest sister survives the accident that killed their parents, she is in a wheelchair as a result, but also works in the family business. She is a talented young designer, who struggles to convince her sister to adopt some modern designs in addition to the more traditional designs they are famous for. And the sisters are burdened with a badly behaved brother, with a great weakness for gambling and bad women, and he’s a threat to the well-being of his two decent sisters, and the survival of the business as he runs up shocking debts, and ultimately crosses some serious legal lines and winds up in jail. The book is about duty, tradition, dedication, family, loyalty. They are determined to save the family business from disaster and the brother’s debts. The head of an important commercial leather goods line in France would love to buy the business, and they won’t sell. But friendships are formed, new bonds are created, new opportunities appear on the horizon . . . and love is in the air!!

Have a great month of June, with a great summer ahead. And a Happy Father’s Day—I think the Dads on our list would enjoy Palazzo too!!

Much love,

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