A Note from Danielle for September ’11

It always feels like a brand new year to me in September. The real ‘new year’ in January is always a bit dreary, with bad weather. But in September everything seems fresh and new. (As a kid, it always started with fresh school supplies—new pencils, notebooks, and erasers—and new teachers and friends!) The weather is still warm in most places, but the nights are cool and the weather gets crisp. And most of us feel energized as we go back to work, and get organized for the fall. I go back to writing then, and usually plunge into a new book in September. My kids are back at work and school and I have no excuse not to work!

Legacy, one of my favorite of my books, will be coming out in paperback this month. It’s the story of a Native American girl of the Dakota Sioux Nation in the 18th century who leaves her home, travels far, and after many adventures goes to France. It is also the story of a modern woman who discovers that the Sioux girl is one of her ancestors, and a very interesting one at that!

I hope that as fall begins, your September is full of new ideas, new projects, and that the month is off to a great start for you!


Danielle Steel

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