A Note from Danielle for July ’11

Dear Friends,

July is one of my favorite months, since it’s when I go on a family vacation with my younger children. The older ones, who are married, usually have their own vacation plans with their young families. But the five youngest, some still in college, and others starting off in their careers, are still good sports about spending their summer holidays with me. And I love it — it’s a good chance for us to be together. We have gone on the same vacations for many years, but this year we have decided to trade in the familiar for new adventures. I usually grouse about doing anything different, but I think it will be fun!

Unfortunately, I’m very rarely in the US for the Fourth of July (I haven’t been in many years), since I live in France part time, so I miss out on all the fireworks and apple pie and picnics, but I often give a dinner party, even in France, to celebrate the holiday. And their Independence Day is July 14th.

I love Fourth of July picnics, and knowing that summer is still ahead and we have two months of beach time, vacations, warm weather, and good times.

This month my book Happy Birthday will be coming out in hardcover. It’s really a fun read, and I hope you’ll take it on vacation or to the beach. One of the themes that emerged from writing the book is “Why not? Why not try something new and do something different?” It’s a good life philosophy. And Five Days in Paris will be coming out in trade paperback with a brand new cover and bonus excerpt from Happy Birthday inside!

Happy Reading! Have a great summer!

Danielle Steel

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