A Note from Danielle for October ’13

Dear Friends,

October is a big month for our holiday-addicted family. Even as young adults now, my kids still love Halloween, and we had a ball with it when they were little. They used to plan their costumes for months, and some of them still do!

This month is a triple-header for me, with three books coming out. My novel Winners, coming out in hardcover, is about overcoming some of the really tough challenges life throws at us. It opens as a young woman training for downhill ski racing in the Olympics has a serious accident, and follows what she and those around her learn from it. I hope it will be very inspiring!

And I’m very excited about my nonfiction book coming out this month. It’s called Pure Joy, and it’s about the dogs in our family over the years, some of the funny stories around them, and some practical advice about dogs, too. The star of the book is my long-haired white teacup Chihuahua, Minnie. She is adorable, and she’s on the cover. It will make a great gift for anyone who loves dogs!

The third book I have coming out is the paperback edition of A Gift of Hope, also nonfiction, about the eleven years I spent on the streets, working with the homeless. It’s a very touching book about some wonderful people.

So you’ll have lots to read from me this month! I hope you enjoy all three books!

Danielle Steel

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