A Note from Danielle for October ’12

Dear friends,

There are of course more important holidays, like Christmas and Thanksgiving, and our family still gets together for Easter. But October is the month of one of our favorite holidays: Halloween! As I’ve mentioned before, my kids used to spend months planning their costumes, and who and what they were planning to be, and some of what they came up with was amazingly creative. I keep thinking they’re too old for that now, but they always surprise me, and make costumes for themselves to wear to Halloween parties. Even last year many of them wore costumes, so they are not ready to give up on Halloween yet. One of my daughters was a fantastic toreador a couple of years ago, others were political leaders and personalities from TV shows. Some were incredibly funny, and you had to think to figure out who they were. It really is a fun event! I miss the elaborate Halloween table we used to decorate, and the haunted house my kids made in our guest room, complete with one of them leaping out of a closet dressed as a ghost or dripping fake blood to terrify everyone else.

My Halloween is now a very tame affair, and I haven’t worn a costume since my whoopee cushion costume a couple of years ago. But I give a dinner party every year in Paris, with Halloween decorations on the table. It’s fun to act like a kid now and then, and not be too serious. So I hope there will be trick or treat, and lots of Halloween candy for you this October too!


Danielle Steel

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