A Note from Danielle for October ’11

October is great because it’s really fall, with beautiful cool weather in most places. The lazy days of summer are behind us, and our winter activities begin to hit their stride.

The biggest excitement in our family in October is Halloween, even now that everyone is supposedly ‘grown up’ (are we ever?) When the kids were young, deciding what they were going to be was a MAJOR decision and a source for discussion at dinner each night, and we worked on their costumes all month! Even now that they’re adults, my kids seem to manage to go to Halloween parties where they still wear costumes. Their costumes are more sophisticated now and they are very creative. One was a toreador last year, and they often borrow themes from TV shows and movies—no more Little Mermaid or Spiderman. I’ve spent Halloween as a witch for years, because it’s easy, but two years ago I found a fantastic costume on the Internet, which shocked some of my kids, not to mention the people who read about it on my blog. I went as a Whoopie Cushion, which is probably in terrible taste, but I thought it was hysterically funny. And what is life without laughter?

I hope you do something fun for Halloween and eat lots of candy. Most of us are still kids at heart, or I am anyway. I’m still trying to figure out what to be this year—probably a writer hard at work!!! Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat!



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