A Note from Danielle for October ’10

Dear Friends,

October is a favorite month for my family, as I’ve mentioned to you before! Halloween is a big event for us, and long after they’ve grown up (I think), even in college and after, my kids get very excited about planning their Halloween costumes. And we’ve had some doozies over the years. My favorite is still when one of my daughters (in her twenties then, and a serious health care worker) went as “The Great Pumpkin.” She dyed her face orange and it stayed that way for several weeks. Oops. Her boyfriend at the time, who went as her dog, made his own costume, and dropped plastic fleas everywhere. But there have been other good ones too. (I went as a whoopee cushion two years ago and shocked everyone, but I had a great and very silly time!) I don’t know what my kids have in mind for this year.

On a more serious note, my book Southern Lights will be out soon in paperback. It takes place in the American South, and the trial of a serial killer is woven into the story. Lots of suspense and excitement!

I hope you’re having a great month and gets lots of Halloween candy!


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