A Note from Danielle for May ’14

Dear Friends,

When I was really little (like, Kindergarten), we danced around a maypole at school and wore little wreaths of flowers in our hair, so I came to associate May Day and the month of May as something happy and festive. In France, it’s still a major holiday, actually French Labor Day, the holiday of workers. People give each other little sprigs of Lily of the Valley, which is so delicate and fragrant, to bring good luck. I think May 1st is a lucky day. My son Nick’s birthday was on May 1st, so I have a special spot in my heart for that day.

Then of course, there’s Mother’s Day, the best holiday ever because I get gifts and celebrated and don’t have to get another year older. That’s a great plus! My mother isn’t here anymore, but I spend the day with as many of my children as are around, and it’s always special.

And Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer. Hopefully the weather is nice and warm everywhere by now.

Danielle Steel

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