A Note from Danielle for May ’12

Dear friends,

This is another month that starts off with a bang. In France, where I spend a lot of time, May 1st, May Day, is Labor Day, and the tradition is for people to give each other sprigs of lily of the valley for the holiday. In Paris, there are street vendors everywhere selling it in little bunches, or small pots, so that you can give it to friends. It’s my favorite flower. And my late son Nick’s birthday was on May 1st. It’s a day that I love every year, usually with gentle, balmy weather, and the delicate scent of lily of the valley in the air.

And Mother’s Day is my favorite holiday. I get presents, get celebrated by my kids, and don’t have to get another year older. How great is that?! Very! I will be celebrating it in two cities this year, dashing from one on Friday to the other for the weekend, dividing myself up between my kids. It’s a lovely holiday, although it can be bittersweet if our mothers are no longer here.

The month ends with Memorial Day, the traditional beginning of summer. Although summer officially starts three weeks later, on June 21st, the long Memorial Day weekend always heralds its arrival, and hopefully some fun times!


Danielle Steel

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