A Note from Danielle for March ’13

Dear Friends,

The best news in March is that Daylight Savings Time begins on March 10th . I LOVE the longer days—early nightfall during the winter always seems so bleak. And we also have the first day of spring this month.

Saint Patrick’s Day is a big event, although I have no claim to it, with no Irish blood anywhere in my family. While it’s not a date I celebrate, it’s a lot of fun for those who have Irish ancestors (and even many who don’t).

And Easter comes early this year, on March 31st. Our family gets together for Easter, though now usually just for the weekend—as of this year, no one is in school anymore, so no more long Easter vacations. But it’s a good excuse for a family gathering. And with Passover beginning March 25th , there certainly is a lot to celebrate this month. Hopefully spring will be in the air, too!!


Danielle Steel

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