A Note from Danielle for March ’12

Dear friends,

St. Patrick’s Day is always a special day in March, although I have no Irish ancestry at all. But it’s a holiday everyone seems to enjoy.

This month the seasons begin to change, and spring is on the horizon. It officially begins on March 21st, even if the weather isn’t too spring-like yet in many places. And on March 11th, we go back to Daylight Savings Time, which I always love because the days are longer!

My latest book is coming out in hardcover and eBook later this month. It’s called Betrayal, and it’s the story of a woman who is betrayed by people close to her, not a happy turn of events. It’s about how she discovers it, what she does about it, and how she grows from it in the end. It is suspenseful in parts, and an interesting character study that reminds us that even when we think we know someone intimately, what we see is not always the truth. It’s an intriguing story, and I hope you like it!


Danielle Steel

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