A Note from Danielle for January ’11

Dear Friends,

As I think I’ve told you all before, I never make New Year’s resolutions, because I know I’d never keep them, and I hate disappointing myself and everyone else. New Year’s resolutions just add too much pressure, and are usually things we don’t really want to do anyway. I’d rather face the new year with a feeling of hope and a smile, than in agony over whatever I’ve given up!!!

New Year’s Eve always seems so nostalgic to me (and everyone else), and it’s not one of my favorite nights. I’ve solved the romantic aspect of it in recent years by playing poker (in black tie, while eating fast food) with a bunch of friends. I like the incongruity of that, and it’s harder to feel sad about having no one to kiss at midnight when I’m excited about winning $20.00. Until there’s romance in my life on New Year’s Eve again, playing poker will do just fine!!!

And New Year’s Day always seems so hopeful to me—a whole fresh year ahead, like a blank canvas. Hopefully by year’s end, the memories of the months that have passed will be pleasing, and it will have been a good year.

I hope that your year gets off to a great start, and that it will be fabulous for you!!! Happy New Year!!!

Happy holidays!!


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