A note from Danielle for February ’15

Dear Friends,

The big event in February is Valentine’s Day, for those who have new romances, old loves, or wish they did. Candy, flowers, presents, cards and all the things we hope about love. I’ve had some great Valentine’s Days (a marriage proposal that led to a wonderful eighteen-year marriage and eight of my nine children), and some truly lousy ones as well, when the “right person” didn’t remember the day, or there was no right person at the time. Most of us put too much stock in that day, but sometimes we get lucky!! I hope your Valentine’s Day sees all your dreams come true this year.

Mardi Gras is in February too. I don’t usually celebrate it, but in cities where they do, like New Orleans, it’s a major event!

My new book, Prodigal Son, is coming out in hardcover this month. It’s a tale of good and evil, of two men, twin brothers, with some surprising twists and turns in the story. I hope you love it! And Happy Valentine’s Day to you!!



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