A Note from Danielle for February ’14

Dear Friends,

There are all sorts of holidays in February: Groundhog Day, which is supposed to be some kind of prelude to spring, I think; Presidents’ Day, which gives us a long weekend; and of course—Valentine’s Day, which is one of those dicey days like New Year’s Eve. It’s either fabulous and thrilling, or disappointing or heartbreaking.

You sort of have to have a great romance for Valentine’s Day to be worthwhile. Flowers, candy, thoughtful gifts, proposals. My husband of eighteen years, John, the father of eight of my nine children, proposed to me on Valentine’s Day, so that year it was a wonderful day for me. I’ve had some pretty lackluster ones in the years since and some nice ones. Not getting too worked up about it isn’t a bad idea.

I hope your Valentine’s Day is all you wish it to be!

Danielle Steel

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