A Note from Danielle for February ’13

Dear Friends,

There are some fun days coming up this month—or they could be anyway. There’s Valentine’s Day, which I always say is a mixed blessing in my life. Some years are great, others not so great. But at least whatever happens, it’s a holiday that includes a lot of chocolate—how bad can that be?

Mardi Gras is a major event in New Orleans, and is celebrated in other cities too, featuring beads, feathers, masks, costumes, dancing in the streets. It’s intended to let people “cut loose” a bit before the more subdued season of Lent begins six weeks before Easter.

Presidents’ Day gives us a nice, long weekend to relax, go skiing, visit friends, or just take it easy. (I’m usually still working hard then and don’t get to take a break from writing until later in the spring. It’s still cold in February in the places I live, anyway!)

Above all, I hope that your Valentine’s Day is what you wish it to be. And even if spring is not yet in the air, I hope love is!!

Danielle Steel

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