A Note from Danielle for August ’12

Dear Friends,

Everything in life passes by too quickly, and summer does that too. In July, we feel like the summer days will last forever. In August, mid-summer, we already know it will draw to a close. By the end of the month, the air gets just a nip cooler in some places, sometimes the leaves start to turn. Sports practice usually starts mid-August, and by late August, even before Labor Day, most kids are back in school.

I hope you find the time for a few more days of vacation, some quiet reading and relaxing downtime, before we all get geared up for the fall, when everything seems to pick up speed. I love hanging on to the last lazy days of summer, before it turns to fall. Enjoy them—they’ll be over much too soon!

If you have already read my latest novel, Friends Forever, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


Danielle Steel

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