A Note from Danielle for April ’14

Dear Friends,

April Fool’s has always been a big deal in my big family, so the month always begins in a challenging way for us. My children have outdone each other tricking me, and scaring the daylights out of me, for many years—”Hi, Mom, I’m in jail”…”I’m pregnant”…”I got kicked out of school”. It would take me the first three kids to call, or tell me their tale of woe, before I realized what day it was. They must be growing up, because the tricks and jokes have been calming down for the last couple of years. But it was always a heart-stopping day at our house. Easter and Passover fall this month as well, for those who celebrate them. Our family always gets together for Easter, so it’s a nice holiday for us.

Symbolically, Easter is about the resurrection—rising from the tomb—which is a wonderful reminder that no matter how tough life is at the moment, it can get better again. It’s a holiday that gives me hope, particularly when things look bleak, which happens to us all. And on a more superficial note, we love dyeing Easter eggs, and my fingers are green, blue, and purple for weeks.

Thank you so much for helping make my most recent novel POWER PLAY a #1 New York Times bestseller. My book FIRST SIGHT goes on sale in paperback this month, and I hope you’ll read it!

Danielle Steel

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