A Note from Danielle for April ’13

Dear Friends,

April has always been my children’s favorite month to torture me, and since there are so many of them, they’ve managed to come up with some really awful April Fool’s jokes to play on me—and I always believe them! Ugh. They’re a little better about it now that they’re older, but not much, and they still think it’s hysterically funny to scare me with some April Fool’s prank or another. I inevitably forget what day it is until the second or third joke call from them. They count on me to fall for it every year, and I do!

By now, spring is starting to show promise here and there, and we can look forward to warmer days ahead. And by April, my heaviest workload is beginning to slow down, and I can start to dream of summer, some time off and vacation with my kids! I can’t wait!!

Danielle Steel

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