A Note from Danielle for April ’11

As some of you know, April Fool’s is an ignominious day at our house, since I seem to be related to an unusually large group of practical jokers, and for the past many years they have challenged my nerves (and good nature) severely on that day. My children have reported themselves to be in jail, thrown out of school, pregnant, getting married in Las Vegas (at 16), and just about anything else they could think of to torture me with on April Fool’s Day. And of course, for five or ten minutes, I always believe them. One of my daughters lays claim to having fooled me for an entire day, which she enjoyed a lot more than I did. They play jokes on each other too. It’s all in good fun, but it certainly is a lively day in our group. I even pulled a couple of April Fool’s jokes on them last year — turn about is fair play, and it’s about time!!

Toward the end of the month is Easter, which we have always enjoyed a great deal too. We all get together as a family for Easter weekend, and have a big brunch on Easter Sunday. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be together. And, on a more serious note, I have always loved the religious theme behind Easter, which is resurrection. I love the idea that we can recover and be renewed, even after painful experiences that were disappointing or traumatic. It is the essence of hope.

I hope that will be the theme for you this April — renewal, rebirth, new beginnings, fresh starts, and all good things. I wish you a beautiful month.

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