A Letter from Danielle for September ’21

Hi everyone,

For anyone with school age children, September is the busiest month of the year. I remember how super busy it was for me with nine children in school—dashing around for school supplies, figuring out their schedules, organizeing car pools, setting up extracurricular lessons, driving everyone to all their activities . . . and trying to fit everything in. New uniforms, new school shoes, checkups before they started school, signing up for sports teams. The list was endless! And I had kids in kindergarten, middle school, and high school at the same time. Expecting anyone to curl up with a book with all that going on is a lot to ask!!

I’ve been writing a lot and I’m excited about the line up of novels through the end of the year. To seize the last of a little downtime at the end of the summer, Complications came out in mid-August, about all the dramas going on among the guests of a small, exclusive hotel in Paris, everything from health scares to bomb threats, blackmail to murder. I hope you love all the twists and turns. My new book, The Butler, is coming next month. I’ve been busy.

Even without young school age children, I’ve always loved September. There was always a feeling of excitement, of new things starting, new teachers as a kid, new projects, the cooler weather sets everything in motion. I love being lazy in the summer, and revving up to get moving in the fall. It always has the feeling of a new year in September, long after my own school days. And as a child, I loved having a new pencil box, clean new notebooks, shiny school supplies—a new lunch box!!! And new teachers and students to meet. And all of it in still beautiful weather.

I hope you will have new projects to be excited about this September, lots of good books to read, and fun things to do. And if you’re a Mom with young children—hang in there, by October, everyone will have settled into their routines, and you’ll actually have some time to yourself.

Happy September!!

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