A Letter from Danielle for September ’16

Hi Everyone,

Well, with Labor Day around the corner, summer is officially almost over. Mine flew by, and I’ll bet yours did too. I had two short vacations with my five youngest kids, and thoroughly enjoyed them. I’m sorry to see the summer over, but I REALLY love September and always have.

When my kids were little, September was my busiest month of the year. Getting nine kids ready for school is not easy—lunch boxes, notebooks, pens, pencils, new school books, new school uniforms and shoes, new teachers, and a million errands to run! There was so much excitement to September then, and I still feel it now. The autumn beginning, books to write, outlines to do, projects to start, plans for the rest of the year and into next year. More than January, which is always a slow month when people tend to hibernate, September has the feeling of fresh starts and new beginnings—there is excitement in the air, especially as it starts to get chilly, which is so invigorating!!!

My new hardcover RUSHING WATERS just came out yesterday. It’s about an enormous hurricane in New York and all the devastation it causes. We lived a storm like it a few years ago, when one of my daughters lost her apartment to Hurricane Sandy, with the terrible flooding. RUSHING WATERS is a fictional story, but the force of nature is always astounding. It’s an exciting book and I hope you love it!!! It centers around a group of people the storm affects, brought together by the hurricane. As they fight to survive it, their lives inextricably intertwine during the events. It’s a book about survival and courage, and how people are affected by catastrophic events, and what it brings out in them—both good and bad.

I hope you have a wonderful September, and that you have lots of plans and new projects too, and face them with new energy after some time off this summer!!! Have a great month!!



P.S. My paperback BLUE will be out on September 20th, it’s a deeply moving story about a homeless boy, the woman he meets who wants to help him, and how they change each others’ lives forever. I hope you love that book too!!!

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