A Letter From Danielle for September ’15

Hi Friends,

September is one of my favorite months of the year, probably left over from my school days. And for years, it was my busiest month. With 9 kids to outfit, organize and get ready for school-lots of fun trips to the 5 and 10 for pencils, notebooks, erasers and lunch boxes (with Super hero and Disney Princess motifs.) The end of August and beginning of September turned me into a whirling dervish every year, with so much to do. Add to that 3 family birthdays (two daughters, and their father, 2 of them on the same day), and September always started out with a bang. But I love the smell of new notebooks, the look of new shoes, and the feel of fall clothes. When the year begins for real in January, the weather is so depressing, usually gray and a little grim, but in September everything is new, fresh and crisp. When fall is in the air, life can be so invigorating. It always feels like an exciting time of new beginnings, new friends to meet, new things to learn, and new things to do. You can see I love September!!!

And this September, the month will be off to a great start with my new book UNDERCOVER coming out on September 1st. It’s an exciting novel about an undercover agent, and the book starts out in Colombia (in the drug cartels), moves on to Argentina, and Paris, with a dash of Wyoming added to the mix. There’s lots of suspense, action, and surprises in it. It was great fun to write and I hope you love reading it!!! So my fall will get off to an exciting start with a new book.

And whatever you’re doing-going back to school, getting your kids ready for school, or going to work after the summer, I hope your fall will get off to a great start, filled with lots of new people and new adventurer.

Have a wonderful September!!

Love, Danielle

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