A Letter from Danielle for September ‘18

Hi Everyone,

It’s funny how every month has a special flavor to it, and a special connotation. I love the idea of May, with the first promise of summer, and happy times to come. I remember balmy May evenings that were so full of that feeling of early summer. And I love December and the holidays most of all. But just the thought of September always energizes me!!! I think it’s left over from my school days, and I think a lot of us feel that way.

After summer vacations, swimming, fishing, hiking, or lying on a beach somewhere, we jump into ‘real life’ again, and pick up speed. I used to love all the ‘new’ things one got in September as a child – new clothes, new school uniforms if one had them, new school shoes, brand new pristene notebooks to fill, new pens and crayons, and new school books. Months later, in the dead of winter, those notebooks would be dog eared, have ink blotches and pencil marks all over them. But in September, everything is new and clean. Even long past my school days, the feeling lingers. It’s a fresh start and a new year. The weather gets crisper, and it’s exciting to get moving at full speed again – to learn or do new things, or familiar things with new vigor.

When my kids were young, September was the busiest month of the year, getting everyone ready for school, organizing car pools, getting kids to and from their sports team practice, and other activities after school. My September is a whole lot easier now, but those were busy, happy days I loved!!! It’s still fun to see friends again after the summer and catch up, and find out what’s new in their lives.

My new book comes out in hardcover and eBook TODAY!! It’s called IN HIS FATHER’S FOOTSTEPS and is a generational family saga. It’s a deeply touching book about how we are affected by the family that came before us, and how we will affect those who come after us. It’s about the mark we leave on the world. Once you read it, you’ll see there is a lot to discuss! That’s why I’ve created a discussion guide – questions to help start a conversation around the themes. You can read it here.

I hope you love the book, and really enjoy it. And I hope that September is full of fresh new pencils, clean new notebooks for you to fill, and a wonderful time full of energy and exciting projects.


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