A Letter from Danielle for October ’20

Hi Everyone,

I hope we’re off to a good fall—and after a very bumpy beginning to this year—I hope we can slide into the end of the year with some good times and good news. We can all use that, and peaceful happy holidays. So I hope your fall is off to a good start. I have always loved October. The weather is usually gorgeous everywhere, crisp autumn days, cool days that energize us. When my kids were very young and in school, September was madness, but October was really fun as everyone hit their stride. I love the warm days of spring and summer, but nothing energizes me like fall!!! And since I always do my Christmas shopping early, the holidays are already on my mind.

And we have some exciting books for you this month. Royal is still out in hardcover, and if you haven’t read it yet I really hope you do. It’s about a British royal princess who gets sent to the country by her family in World War II, to avoid the bombing of London, her disappearance under mysterious secret circumstances—and, twenty years later, the secrets surface with some startling shocking answers no one ever suspected. It’s historical fiction about a British royal family and I hope you love it.

Especially exciting for me is Expect A Miracle, which is coming out this month. It’s a small gift size hardcover that has taken me a lifetime to put together. I have collected quotations I love all my life, and the book of my favorites is now coming your way, with a gorgeous shiny red cover! It’s a little jewel of a book with quotations that will inspire you, give you hope when you need it, comfort you on a bad day, or make you laugh out loud. The topics I touch on are Life, Courage, Faith, Love, and Laughter. That book means the world to me, and I really hope it does to you too. I hope you give it as a gift this holiday season, it’s a book to share and to give and to cherish. It really is a very special book.

And in paperback, my novel Spy is coming out, which is also historical fiction, about a female spy in World War II, a seemingly innocent young woman, who is recruited to become a spy behind enemy lines. After the war, she marries a diplomat, and she is recruited yet again—and she lives in fascinating places around the world where she carries out her missions, and no one ever knows: not even her husband! The book follows her thirty years as a spy in India, Pakistan, Morocco, Hong Kong, China, Russia, and the US during the Cold War. If you love exotic places, and the thrill of espionage, I think you’ll love this book—which was fascinating to research and write.

As the weather gets colder, cuddle up and stay inside, and be cozy, and Expect A Miracle seems like the perfect answer to this challenging year, and I truly hope you love the book as much as I do and think it will make a wonderful gift. (My friends are all getting one for the holidays, I hope yours will too!!)

Take care—and happy fall!!!

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