A Letter from Danielle for October ‘18

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re enjoying the crisp weather, the turning of the leaves in some parts of the country – particularly in the East – and everything revving up for a busy fall!

I really enjoy October, AND it’s the month of one of my favorite holidays: Halloween. It’s one of those playful holidays that continues to be fun even when you’re grown up, and your kids are grown. Our family always took Halloween to extremes, with a bedroom turned into a haunted house with cobwebs, rubber goblins, skeletons, and spooky noises. One of the kids or adults was always leaping out of the closet to scare everyone!!! There were always LOTS of Halloween treats too, trick or treat!!! My kids usually spent a couple of months deciding on their costume to wear at school parades when they were little or at Halloween parties when they were older. And even now, they go to Halloween parties as adults, and wear clever costumes! They’ve been witches, political figures, and more. One of my daughters went as a Matador one year and looked gorgeous. I painted my face white one year, dressed all in white like a ghost, and wore a necklace made of pens… I was a “Ghost Writer.”

I don’t have Halloween plans this year, although I usually give a Halloween dinner for my Godchildren when I’m in France. They don’t celebrate Halloween in Europe. It’s more of a religious holiday there, with All Saints Day on November 1st.

This week, my book FALL FROM GRACE came out in paperback. It’s about a woman who loses everything (her husband, her lifestyle, her home) when her husband dies suddenly at an early age, and had never gotten around to putting her in his will. His very nasty jealous adult daughters take everything, and within weeks the young widow finds herself without a job, a home, or the lifestyle she had enjoyed for 20 years. She was a fashion designer, gets a job in her old field, but innocently goes to work for disreputable people who take advantage of her. Because of them, she soon finds herself on the wrong side of the law. Things go from bad to worse for a while. She even winds up in jail, when they use her for an illegal scheme.

The book is the story of her determination to build a respectable life again, become independent, redeem herself and her reputation. It’s about starting your life over from scratch, discovering what really matters, and re-inventing yourself. It’s about a strong woman who is determined not to let bad people take her down and keep her there. I hope you enjoy it!!!

Have a great month!!!


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