A Letter from Danielle for November ’22

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’ve had a good fall, with good things happening. I am always stunned by how fast November and December roll around, with the holidays almost here. November is a wonderful time for the gathering of family and/or friends for Thanksgiving. And also a great time, if you have no plans, to do volunteer work in kitchens set up to feed homeless people. It’s wonderful to have people at one’s table, if they have no family in town, on Thanksgiving. It is a time for friendship and family and gratitude.

I have two books for you this month. Invisible in paperback is about a woman who prefers to be in the background, and through unusual circumstances becomes a famous actress. It is about her inner battle to be “invisible” and the life that puts her in the spotlight. And then later on, she has a chance to become invisible again, and she has to choose the life that suits her best, after her years of success. It will be out on November 8.

And on November 22, my hardcover The Whittiers is coming out, about six adult siblings who inherit their parents’ very big home after their parents have an accident. The siblings range in age from twenty one to forty, with very different lives and personalities. Only the two youngest lived in the house with their parents. And one by one, the four others come back to live in the house together, while they try to decide whether to sell it, or keep it with all the magical memories of their youth and childhood. And living together as adults, for the first time in years is quite a challenge!!!

I hope you love both books, and that November will be the making of warm memories for you.


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