A Letter from Danielle for November ‘19

Hi Everyone,

It’s hard to believe November is already here, and the holidays beginning. Although I didn’t grow up with the tradition of Thanksgiving, it’s a holiday whose theme really touches me—a holiday based on gratitude, not just food. It’s a holiday meant to be shared with friends, and to include people, and to remember all that we’re thankful for. (And the food is great, too!!). And although I didn’t grow up with it (in Europe, with European parents, in European schools—Halloween and Thanksgiving got left out of my childhood), we’ve always had big Thanksgiving meals with my children, their friends, our friends, and friends who have no close family to be with. Some years, we have gone around the table with everyone sharing what they are most grateful for.

Some people work in homeless shelters and kitchens on that date, which is a wonderful way to share it too, giving rather than receiving. I love the whole feeling of that holiday!!!

I’m also very excited about my new book coming out just before Thanksgiving this year—in time for the holidays. I always try to pick a book for the holidays that will appeal to men and women of all ages, so that it is likely to make a terrific gift. (I’m always proud that I have so many male readers, too). The book is called Spy and will be out on November 26th. And it’s a really interesting book both historically and geographically. It’s about a young Englishwoman in WWII who is recruited as a spy during the war and completes some really frightening missions. When the war is over, she marries a diplomat and they travel to some very exotic places and are stationed there. The young woman in the story is once again recruited as a spy—and even her husband doesn’t know (even the families of spies weren’t allowed to know, and they had to keep it secret for 20 years afterwards!!). They are sent to India, Pakistan, Morocco, Hong Kong, Moscow, Washington D.C., at times when history was being made in these places and the political situation were often dicy or dangerous. It took a massive amount of research to write the book, and I learned a lot myself when I did it. I really hope you enjoy it, and that you agree that it will make a great gift!!!

Have a wonderful, blessed, happy, and abundant Thanksgiving, either at a friend’s table or your own!!!


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