A Letter from Danielle for November ‘18

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re well, and enjoying the Fall and Fall weather!!! The Fall is so beautiful in some parts of the world (the turning of the leaves in New England), and a little dreary in others, as winter begins in earnest.

Just as Halloween leaps out at me in October, Thanksgiving is the highlight in November. It’s such a special holiday, based on gratitude and giving thanks, and is such a wonderful opportunity to share warm times with friends and family, and open one’s doors to people who may not have a place to spend the holiday, or family to spend it with. It’s a wonderful opportunity to count one’s blessings, and give thanks, and take stock of the good that has happened in our lives this year. (Not to mention yummy food to share too).

At the end of the month, my new book BEAUCHAMP HALL will come out, which is fun feel-good book for the holidays. A woman who is trapped in a dreary life, and has been for years—a boyfriend who has never treated her well, a best friend who betrays her, an older sister who criticizes her constantly and takes advantage of her, a college life she gave up for a sick mother years ago, and never went anywhere. She is trapped in a tiny dreary town, in a life she never expected to have, even a job she hates, and a nasty boss. It couldn’t get much worse, and then it does when everything comes to a head—the only fun she’s having is the TV series she’s addicted to, which gives her hope and makes her dream. We all get stuck at times in situations we don’t like and don’t know how to get out of. When everything falls apart for her, she takes unexpected, brave steps, and changes everything—and her whole life changes with it. What happens after that is when the fun starts, and some terrific things happen!!! I think, and hope, you’ll really enjoy the book!!!

I came across a wonderful quote the other day, by the writer Louis L’Amour. “When you think everything is finished and it’s the end, That will be the beginning.” I love that!!!

I hope you LOVE Beauchamp Hall, I had a great time writing it.


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