A Letter from Danielle for November ‘17

Hi Everyone,

I hope the fall has gone well for you. I love this part of the year, it’s so cozy with colder weather and the holidays to look forward to. And whatever your religious convictions, or not, Thanksgiving is really about friends and gratitude, and is such a special holiday. It’s an opportunity to welcome old and new friends, and celebrate the things we have to be grateful for. Like most holidays, it’s a hard time to be alone, and a good reminder to us, who have homes and families, to welcome people in to share a meal with us.

When I was single and alone one year, before I had my family, I came across the Bible quote, “God places the solitary in families”. I really like that idea. And I really love a holiday based on being thankful. Thanksgiving has such a warm feeling … and it certainly is about a lot of delicious food!! I love the stuffing and the pumpkin pie!!!

My book PAST PERFECT will be out in hardcover and eBook at the end of the month (November 28th.) It’s one of my favorite books, and really is a fun read. I’m not much on ghost stories usually, but this is about two very appealing families a hundred years apart, who meet and discover they are living in the same house, in an unusual time warp. As the modern current day family leads their present day life, with iPads and jobs and emails and video games and all the trappings of twenty first century life, the family who built the mansion a century ago are following their path to the First World War, the Crash of ’29 and beyond, sharing insights into history and life, complete with a grand dowager grandmother and an eccentric elderly Scottish Uncle. It’s a book that should make you laugh, and touch your heart, and give you a closer view of some important moments in history, and the blending of two families whom I really came to love as I wrote about them. And I hope you’ll love them too.

I hope that your Thanksgiving will be a very special day, full of warm times, good friends, yummy food, and a holiday full of blessings.

Much love,

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