A Letter from Danielle for May ‘20

Hi everyone,

I fervently hope that May is going to be a LOT better than March and April were, as the world struggles to rid itself of the Coronavirus, and we all work hard to right the ship in its wake. The US is a remarkable country, a nation of strong people who dig their heels in, do what they have to do, and reach out a helping hand to each other when the chips are down. One of the most beautiful photographs I’ve seen was of the US Navy Hospital ship Comfort, all painted white with its beautiful big red cross, sailing into the New York Harbor, with the Statue of Liberty holding her torch high, as the ship sailed in to assist with medical needs in New York. I believe that her sister ship went to the West Coast. It was a gorgeous, deeply touching sight.

Wherever you are, at whatever stage your area is in the battle of the epidemic, I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well. And whether locked down, or if it is now opening up and easing off, it really is a wonderful time to read, and escape into the world of books, and read the books you’ve wanted to read but haven’t had time to. Books can transport us to a whole other world when we need to escape!!!! Not just my books, but ALL books, whatever your preferences or special interests. There is nothing in the world like a good book!!! And of course, I hope you enjoy mine too.

May has always been one of my favorite months. It’s pretty much spring everywhere by then, with warmer weather and beautiful flowers, and leaves appearing on the trees. The first of May is Labor Day in France, and thought to be a lucky day. The symbol of May Day in France is lily of the valley (my favorite flower!!!), with its delicate scent. On May Day, there are flower vendors on every street corner, and people give each other a little sprig of lily of the valley for good luck, to employers and employees, lovers, friends and family—Everyone gets a little sprig or bouquet of lily of the valley. It’s a lovely tradition and really makes the day special, as you get it and give it to people you like or care about or work with or love. I have an extra special fondness for that day too, because it’s my late son Nick’s birthday. What a lucky boy to be born on May Day!!! I always think of him especially on May Day.

My book The Dark Side is coming out in paperback this month. It’s a thriller about a woman who suffers from a rare psychiatric phenomenon that has fascinated and mystefied psychiatrists for years. I hope you are fascinated by it too, and as the book progresses, it becomes a race against time to save a little girl. The research for the book was mesmerizing, and I hope you find the book as exciting to read as it was for me to write!!!

Take care, take good care of yourself. And I am looking forward to a wonderful summer, and peaceful, healthy months ahead. And remember when life is at its most challenging, there is nothing better or more soothing and reassuring than to curl up with a good book!!!


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