A Letter from Danielle for May ’17

Hi Everyone,

May is always a very special month for me, full of happy memories. May Day was always a big day in France when I was growing up—I used to dance around a maypole, wearing a wreath of white flowers on my head when I was a very little girl. The flower symbolic of May Day is the lily of the valley, my favorite flower, which has such a delicate fragrance. And in France, even now, everyone gives each other a little sprig of lily of the valley for good luck. There are flower vendors on every street corner in Paris, so you can give the people in your life lily of the valley on May Day. The whole city smells of the beautiful flower.

My son Nick was born on May 1st, like a very special gift, so the day also brings up this very happy memory. And even now that he is no longer here, it seems like his special day. I host a dinner every year for close friends, in honor of his birthday, and I give everyone a little vase of lily of the valley to take home. I even have special plates and glasses with lily of the valley painted on them!!! It’s a very special day for me.

And this year, today (May 2nd) is a big day for me as well since my new book AGAINST ALL ODDS is now on sale. It’s full of the adventures and challenges of parenting once one’s kids grow up. I hope you love that book, as I do!!

To top it off, Mother’s Day is coming soon. It’s my favorite holiday, other than Christmas. I get presents and don’t have to get another year older like on my birthday!!! What could be better? I used to get macaroni necklaces, pencil holders made out of soup cans, and hand-painted Kleenex boxes. I still have all those gifts too!!! Now I get more grown up presents from my children and we have brunch together to celebrate.

I hope your May will be very special this year, full of happy memories, and providing new ones…..and I hope you love the new book!!!



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