A Letter from Danielle for May ‘19

Hi Everyone,

Happy May Day!!! May is such a nice month, when Spring is just about everywhere—at last!!

When I was a child in French schools, we always celebrated May Day, and it’s still a big deal in France. It’s French Labor Day, and they celebrate it as a major holiday, and everyone gives a sprig of lily of the valley to people they care about for good luck. There are street vendors on almost every corner selling it, and the delicate scent of lily of the valley is heavy in the air.

I have two sons with May birthdays. And Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays!!!

And I have a new hardcover book coming out on May 7th—in time for you to give it to someone for Mother’s Day. It’s called Blessing in Disguise, and is a story of a mother with three VERY different adult daughters who each have a different father. The three men in the mother’s life were as unusual, intriguing, and different as the three daughters who are the result. The book is about her relationship to each of her daughters, her previous relationship to their fathers at various stages of her life, and also the interesting man she is involved with now. Mother/daughter relationships are so complex, layered, and sometimes complicated, that there is always much to think about and say. I think the mothers in your life will enjoy the book, and I hope you will, too!!!

I hope Spring is off to a great start for you, and I hope you love the book.


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