A Letter from Danielle for May ‘18

Hi Everyone,

I hope it’s spring by now, wherever you are. It snowed in New York (and Paris!!) in April, so spring has been a long time coming and we’ve earned it!!!

I’ve always loved May with its warmer weather and balmy evenings, flowers everywhere, and spring at last.

When I was a child, particularly in France, May Day was a big deal, and the first of May was, and still is, celebrated with my favorite flower: lily of the valley. In France, people give each other sprigs of lily of the valley for good luck on May 1st. There are flower vendors on every corner, and the delicate scent of lily of the valley is heavy in the air. I have a special warm spot in my heart for May Day even now, since it was my son Nick’s birthday, and I usually give a dinner for close friends on that night, to honor and share that special day.

It’s also Mother’s Day in May – one of my favorite holidays! I get celebrated, and don’t have to get another year older!! It’s a special day, which I love enjoying with any of my children who are around. I still have all the gifts they’ve given me over the years: macaroni necklaces, decorated Kleenex and shoe boxes to use as jewelry boxes, ceramics they made at school. etc. (the treasures of their childhood!!!)

Mother/daughter relationships are not always the easiest ones, so Mother’s Day can be a precious moment or a stressful one. You may not be a mother, or have a mother anymore, but whatever your mother status, I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day with people or children you enjoy, and especially your own!!!

I have a new book coming out soon, which I loved writing and I hope you’ll enjoy. It’s called THE CAST and deals with a long divorced single Mom, whose kids have grown up. She has written a successful ‘advice column’ in a magazine for many years, but through a chance encounter, she gets the opportunity to write a TV series that becomes a hit. Suddenly, she has a very full life, populated with the stars of the show… an old Grande Dame of Hollywood, a Major Oscar winning screen actress, a young ingenue, several male actors. From her previously quiet life, she soon becomes busy, happy and fulfilled. She’s surrounded by a fascinating group of people, all of whom become a second family to each other. They fill her life with crises, drama, excitement, fun and all the situations that arise while filming a hit TV series! t’s an interesting cast of characters, and makes for a fun and exciting book!!! I hope you enjoy it, and share it with your family and friends.

Have a great month of May!!


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