A Letter from Danielle for March ’22

Hi Everyone,

I don’t know about you, but I am SOOOO READY for spring. It’s been a grisly grim gray winter without much sun and I am so tired of the dreary weather, and spring is not almost here. We still have a way to go, and I’ve been in snowstorms in New York in April—so winter isn’t over yet. March is one of those in between months with some nice days and some cold ones. I am ready for spring or summer now.

On the calendar the only big day I see is St. Patrick’s Day, and since I have no Irish blood or relatives—it’s a holiday that I have never had a bond with, but if you are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, then I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

On the book front, I have some exciting news this month. High Stakes, my new hardcover is coming out (at the beginning of the month). It’s about five female agents in a high-powered talent agency: literary and dramatic, representing writers, actors, directors, producers, screenwriters—an interesting assortment of creative clients. The five agents are five interesting, strong women, some on the literary side, some on the dramatic side, plus their clients, their careers, and the challenges they face in the work force every day. They range in age from their twenties to their fifties, and the way they’re treated by their clients and their bosses and in the work force. Problems that women face every day, and challenges and victories. I hope you really enjoy the book. I loved writing it, with a broad range of female characters who represent all of us in some way.

And at the end of the month, Nine Lives is coming out in paperback, which is about men who are addicted to high-risk activities and danger and the impact they have on the people who love them. I hope you really enjoy that book too.

Two very different books, and I hope you thoroughly enjoy them. Have a great month of March!!!


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