A Letter from Danielle for March ’21

Hi everyone!!

Well, we’re inching our way toward spring and it’s been a challenging few months, but we’re hanging in. One of the great pleasures of these winter days, even in normal times, is curling up with a good book, and letting our imaginations soar. And in confinement or staying home to be careful, what better way to ‘escape’ than with a good book!!

I have a new hardcover novel coming out today, The Affair, which I hope will thrill you! As the title suggests, it’s about an affair: A young American interior designer is married to a famous French novelist and lives in Paris with their two young daughters. Her mother is British, the head of a major fashion magazine, and discovers that her son-in-law is having a torrid affair with a young French actress. Their affair soon becomes public knowledge, splashed all over the tabloids, and the wife must face the heartbreak, humiliation, and complications that are inevitable. She has three intriguing sisters; a very relaxed, jovial, unmarried celebrity chef with her own TV show; her much more conservative rigid sister who is a judge and has secrets of her own; and her third sister is a zany, married fashion designer with three young children of her own and a solid marriage.

Their support, their advice, and their opinions are an important part of her life—as is her mother and her perspective. The book is about hard discoveries, and everything that follows when a marriage explodes and is at risk. The heroine will discover much about her husband, herself, her sisters, and life. It’s about who you become when your heart is on the line, your family at risk, your marriage nearly shattered—reparable or not? And forgiveness—or not. It’s about finding out what really matters to you, and what, if anything, you’re willing to give up for love. I hope you love it!!

And at the end of the month, The Wedding Dress will be out in paperback. It’s a four-generation family saga about a beautiful wedding dress made in Paris in 1929 for an American heiress from San Francisco; the three generations that come after in interesting historical times until the present; and the four women, in each of those generations who wear the wedding dress—the brides they are, and who they become after they wear it. Another engrossing read and I hope you love that too.

Have a great month, stay well and safe, and keep reading!!!


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