A Letter from Danielle for March ’16

Hi Everyone,

I hope that last month was a good one for you, and that Valentine’s Day turned out the way you wanted. That’s always a dicey day, with lots of hopes, and not always so easy to have it go the way you plan. So I hope it was a good one!!!

And here we are in March!!! As usual, the year is off to a racing start. It seems like the New Year began just yesterday, and BAM!!! March is already here. March is such a hopeful month, with spring promising to arrive soon, sometimes with a few teasing warm days to entice us, and then another blast of cold or snow before winter is really over. But the few warm days give us hope!!!

Easter is really early this year, coming at the end of this month. Easter used to be a big event for us (9 kids!!), with dyeing eggs until my hands were blue, green and purple for weeks, planning Easter egg hunts, and enjoying chocolate eggs. Some of my kids still come home for Easter, but many of them don’t get time off to travel. So we have a nice Easter brunch with those who are around.

March is exciting for me, because my new book PROPERTY OF A NOBLEWOMAN will be coming out on the 15th. It was a really intriguing and fun book to write! It begins with a seemingly abandoned safe deposit box in a bank, which has a stack of mysterious letters, some old photographs and newspaper clippings, and some truly spectacular jewelry in it — all belonging to a woman who appeared to die penniless. The book traces who she was and what happened in her life, all reconstructed and deduced from what is found in the box at the bank. Some truly poignant moments arise, as her history emerges and family mysteries begin to surface. Two young people, one from the bank and the other an auctioneer, attempt to solve these mysteries as they trace her life.

It also touches on the world of important jewelry auctions, which is fascinating. I hope you’ll find the book intriguing and exciting, and touching. It’s a reminder of how little we know of people sometimes, particularly older people, and how we sometimes have no idea who they were when they were young. A glamourous history emerges in the book, and our hearts are touched by the woman who left all her worldly possessions in a safe deposit box, and then failed to claim her belongings, or designate anyone to inherit them. It traces a family history through some shocking revelations, and the final discoveries of who she was changes several lives at the end. It was fascinating to write!!!

I hope March unfolds well for you, and happy first day of spring!!!


PS – My novel COUNTRY recently released in paperback. If you missed it in hardcover, I hope you’ll enjoy it now. It’s an exciting view of the Nashville music scene, a sexy, handsome country music star, and a whole new life that begins after the heroine is widowed. She discovers a brave new world, and decides to put the past behind her and ‘seize theday’! It’s a fun book!!

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