A Letter from Danielle for March ’17

Hi Everyone,

March gives one hope of spring, although that’s probably all it is in most places – a hope. It’s been a harsh winter in most of the places I go, with freezing weather, floods, blizzards, and snow. So I’m not sure how fast spring will come, but it’s nice to think about at least!

I think Mardi Gras falls in March this year, which is a huge event in New Orleans. And St. Patrick’s Day is a big day for the Irish. I have no Irish ancestors or relatives, so I’m left out on that one, but I’m happy for those who do celebrate.

The big excitement for me in March is that my hardcover DANGEROUS GAMES is coming out (just 1 week to go!!). It was a fascinating and very challenging book to write. It’s a political thriller, involving lobbyists, crooked politicians, oil deals, and clever investigative journalists, who uncover treacherous illegal deeds. It’s much harder writing that kind of book, where every detail and piece of the plot has to fit together seamlessly. I hope you love it!! It’s a very exciting story!!

And as usual, I will be writing in March, tucked away in the last of winter, and waiting with great anticipation for spring to come!!! I hope you have a great month.


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