A Letter from Danielle for July ’15

Hi Everyone,

Although I find September exciting-because I always feel like everything is starting fresh after the summer and at the beginning of the school year (even this many years later) -I’ve always thought that July is the sweet spot in the year. It’s just a gorgeous time of year. June leads up to our hopes for summer, and lulls us with great weather in most places. But July is REALLY summer!! Although May and June can be a great time to travel, July is just the perfect month for a vacation, with great weather at the beach, in the country, or the mountains. It’s the best weather you’re going to get all year (except in San Francisco, where it is freezing and foggy in summer). July is when we want to be at the beach, go sailing, swimming, fishing, or lie in a hammock with a good book (please, please one of mine!!)

I actually allow myself to be lazy in July, which is rare for me. It is also the one time a year now when I go on vacation with my younger children, and I cherish those times. My three older ones have plans of their own, are married and busy, but the younger five still spend their summer vacation with me, and I just LOVE IT!!

We always take a vacation that involves the beach and the sea, because I am definitely an ocean person, more than a ‘country’ person.

July makes me think of crickets and birds singing, looking up at a blue cloudless sky, lying on a beach, or reading under a tree, and doing fun things with my children. By August, the summer is already winding to a close, and doesn’t have quite the same feeling of abandon that July does. Kids go back to school in August, I start writing again, and we all make plans for the fall.

And whether in the States or in France, Independence Day is a wonderful celebration. July 4th in America, and July 14th, Bastille Day, in France. I love the fireworks in both places, as well as the picnics, the food, and the friends.

I hope you have a glorious July. Hopefully you can get some vacation time, get away from chores and responsibilities, and have some fun!!

Love, Danielle

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